Footwear for farmers

Healthy farmers take better care of the farm and raise healthy animals. It is of utmost importance that they look after they health and wellbeing.

Farmers spend a lot of time on their feet and they deserve a good care. It is extremely important to find the right footwear, which is appropriate for farmer’s work.

As always there are many different variations and everyone has their own personal preferences, but let me point out some general guidelines for purchasing the most comfortable work boots for farm work.


Padded sole: this would greatly reduce the strain on your feet.

Pick the right size: this is the first and the most important rule. If your boots are too narrow, your fingers would be smashed during the long day at the farm. If the boots are too loose, they won’t be comfortable to wear.

Lace-up design (with optional but highly recommended zip side) – lace up fastening ensures good and comfortable shoe fit. The side zipper is extremely convenient if you have to pull on and off your boots few times a day. Saves precious minutes of your life daily for more exciting things.

Heel pitch: look for a minimum of 10mm

Firm heel counter – try the boot by hand – you should not be able to bend it. This ensures godo support for both heel and ankle.

There are some extra features in the ‘nice to have’ category. These are – waterproofness, good insulation, steep caps (in case you are handling heavy items).

Be aware that the most durable work boots need time to adjust. Break in times are different, and range from few hours up to a month, but once you are through this, you would have a very durable pair of boots that are rather comfortable as well.

Brand names are personal things, some swear by the Red wings, while other prefers Timberland or Chippewa. Whatever you end up choosing, remember that the quality always pays out. Two pairs of footwear that I can personally recommend are: Chippewa Super Logger or Red wings 899

Don’t expect that your work boots would last you a life time. Be prepared to replace them regularly in one or two years. If you take good care of them and choose a good, quality pair, they will last even longer.

Don’t forget the socks!

These are also very important for your overall comfort and for preventing feet health problems. Always purchase socks from breathable materials. They will reduce the moisture inside the boots in case your feet are sweating. They will also help regulate the feet temperature. The best materials are cotton and wool. Make sure the content of cotton/wool is at least 70%. Avoid synthetic socks as they increase moisture and apart from feeling damp all day, you may also be prone to fungus infections.

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